BWM Capacity Building

Widespread recognition of the need for training, as one of the most effective vehicles for capacity building, led to the development of the GloBallast programme to assist developing countries. In addition to direct interventions in countries, GloBallast also developed some tools and training packages.

The first training package has been developed during the GloBallast pilot phase and has been progressively improved as a result of many useful lessons learned through its delivery both at national and regional levels. After the adoption of the BWM Convention, the package undertook a comprehensive review and an updated version is now available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian.


Using the same methodology and the lessons learned in the pilot phase, the GloBallast Partnerships has developed a new multi-module course directed to legal experts and administrators namely the ‘GloBallast training course on the legal implementation of the BWM Convention’.

For practical assistance regarding the delivery of the two training packages, please click here.

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Since the conclusion of the GloBallast programme in June 2017, capacity-building workshops on ballast water management, conducted using materials developed by GloBallast, are included in IMO's Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme.

Finally, to provide useful practical information on ratifying, implementing and enforcing the BWM Convention, the IMO has developed a manual entitled "Ballast water management - how to do it" (ISBN 978-92-801-1681-6, sales number: I624E), which can be purchased by clicking here and will shortly be also available in Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish.