Careers at IMO

How many organizations do you know that touch the lives of billions of people every day? Ours does.

We regulate international shipping – an industry that transports 90% of global trade, including probably the screen you’re now looking at and the food you ate this morning.

As a specialised UN agency, IMO ensures that shipping is safe and sustainable so that everyone can continue to enjoy its benefits across the globe.

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    Global impact

    William Azuh
    Head, Africa Section

    As the international regulator of shipping, our impact is massive in so many different ways. The vast majority of things y​ou have in your home and see outside comes by ship; it’s the lifeline of the global economy and we’d starve without it. As long as the water flows, the maritime sector will always exist; it’s the very definition of sustainability.

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    A multicultural environment

    Natalia Laguna
    External Relations Officer

    For me, one of the best things about IMO is its multicultural nature. I work in a team of seven people with six different nationalities, each with different backgrounds, stories and perspectives. The variety of views keeps things fresh but also requires tolerance and diplomacy.

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    A strong focus on climate change

    Roel Hoenders
    Acting Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency

    Shipping is one of the most climate- and environmentally-efficient modes of transport, but it’s still regarded by many as a traditional industry. The main reason I joined IMO in 2018 was because it adopted its Initial Greenhouse Gas Strategy in the same year, which really demonstrated the organization’s change in mindset and a new dynamic to work towards decarbonization of this truly global industry

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    Commitment to gender​ equality

    Brendan Marshall
    Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Partnerships and Projects​

    IMO highlighted the promotion of gender equality in 2019, when ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’ was selected as the World Maritime Day theme. This promoted the work of the Women in Maritime programme, which was initiated in 1988. Since then, we have been intensifying our focus on the issue under the slogan - Training-Visibility-Recognition, because progress for women is progress for all – everyone thrives, including communities and economies, if we have gender equality.

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    Technically challenging work

    Éloïse Laherte
    Senior French Translator and Reviser

    When I joined IMO, I thought I’d be up to speed with all the technical matters after a few years. But, seven years on, I’m still here with a lot more to learn. Shipping has a broad scope and is evolving quickly, so you need to keep constantly up to date with new issues and developments, such as autonomous ships and alternative fuels.

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    Opportunities to drive change

    Lionel Shen
    Computer Assisted Translation and Terminology Specialist

    The maritime sector is constantly evolving, with digitalisation presenting some great opportunities for innovation, for instance through autonomous shipping, blockchain technology and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). New technology is not being used to replace people but to assist them, so they can take on smarter, higher-level roles, as we’ve done for thousands of years.​


Message from the Secretary-General


Shipping is responsible for over 80% of world trade. To achieve our vision of “Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet”, IMO seeks to attract all qualified individuals to an inclusive work environment where they feel valued and where they can make a unique contribution to IMO’s vision through their knowledge, experience and skills and in turn build a rewarding career. IMO must reflect the global diversity of thinking and perspectives therefore, we are committed to ensuring a balance in the diversity of our staff, be it gender or nationality.There is significant evidence that organizations perform better when there is greater gender equality and diversity. At IMO, all managers are making it a priority to promote gender equality and diversity so that we can make progress on IMO’s goals and objectives for the benefit of all.

Kitack Lim
IMO Secretary-General