Climate action


In 2018, shipping emitted 1,056 million tonnes of CO2, accounting for about 2.89% of the total global anthropogenic CO2 emissions for that year, estimated the Fourth IMO GHG Study 2020. Under a voyage-based allocation method, the share of international shipping represented 740 million tonnes of CO2 in 2018. In 2050, shipping emissions could be between 90 and 130% of 2008 emissions, according to a series of long-term business-as-usual scenarios.

IMO is actively engaged in a global approach to further enhancing ship's energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions from ships, while providing technical cooperation and capacity-building activities.

Since 2009, growth in CO2 emissions from maritime transport has been decoupled from the continuous increase in seaborne trade volume. IMO action aims to make ships more energy efficient and eliminate total shipping emissions.