Compliance with the London Convention and Protocol

There are no compliance mechanisms under the London Convention, however, with the entry into force of the London Protocol on 26 March 2006, a set of Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms pursuant to Article 11 of the London Protocol, were adopted in November 2007 and subsequently revised in 2017.

The objective of the Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms under the London Protocol is to assess and promote compliance with the London Protocol with a view to allowing for the full and open exchange of information, in a constructive manner. The Meeting of Contracting Parties retains overall responsibility for compliance matters. 

The procedures included the establishment of a subsidiary body - the Compliance Group - that meets prior, or in parallel to the Meeting of Contracting Parties and provides advice to the London Protocol Contracting Parties on compliance issues. Further details on the Compliance Group can be found in the document to the right.