Shipping transition toward low- and zero-carbon fuels

The IMO organized two symposia to promote the uptake of alternative fuels and to showcase the potential for each country to invest in a fair and inclusive transition to low carbon shipping.

Producing future marine fuels.pngProduction of future marine fuels

2nd Symposium on AF.png2nd Symposium on alternative fuels

1st Symposium on AF.png1st Symposium on alternative fuels

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Video Series

The Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (Low Carbon GIA) has developed a series of videos to provide an overview of CII as well as to raise awareness and increase understanding by explaining what is in the regulation as well as how to apply, and where to look for more information about it.

1 - An introduction to CII.png1. An Introduction to CII

2 - CII Guidelines.png2. CII Guidelines

3 - Worked example.png3. Worked Example

4 - DCS and SEEMP.png4. DCS and SEEMP

5 - Certification and verfification.png5. Certification and Verification

Shipping and climate change videos

These three short videos explain IMO's energy-efficiency requirements and highlight capacity-building as a way to promote uptake of the measures.