IMO Conference Division

The responsibilities of the Conference Division are to deliver logistical and interpretation services and provide documentation and translation services to the meetings of the Organization.  The Office of the Director manages two budgets:  the Conference Division and the IMO meetings budgets. It also handles a huge managerial and budgetary workload in order to provide the most efficient and cost-effective systems for the delivery of IMO meetings.  Over the last few years, focus has been made in seeking efficiencies with the modernization of the processes to handle documentation for the meetings, including new developments in translation and documentation practices, better conditions of work for the staff with the introduction of the 1.00 a.m. deadline in connection to the services that have to be provided to the meetings, and the systematization of operations with the introduction of audio recording as well as other measures introduced to control costs in international meetings. 

At the end of 2013 a new structure was approved for the Conference Division which is a more realistic reflection of the flow of the services provided to meetings, and new developments in electronic formats introduced in meetings arrangements, documentation and translation services in order to improve efficiency of working practices

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The Conference Division includes two Subdivisions:

Subdivision for Documents, Terminology and Translation (Working Languages):

  • English Translation Section
  • French Translation Section
  • Spanish Translation Section
  • Documentation and Language Technologies Section
  • Terminology and Reference Section

Subdivision for Meeting Services, Interpretation and Translation (Arabic, Chinese, Russian):

  • Meeting Services and Interpretation Section
  • Arabic Translation Section
  • Chinese Translation Section
  • Russian Translation Section