Technical Cooperation and Assistance

This page features information about the LC/LP Technical Cooperation and Assistance Programme. Relevant resources can be found in the right hand menu.

The Technical Cooperation and Assistance Programme is governed by the Long-Term Strategy for Technical Cooperation and Assistance under the London Convention and Protocol. This Strategy was adopted at the first joint session of the Consultative Meeting under the London Convention and the Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the London Protocol in 2006. It replaced earlier versions, first developed in 2003 and revised in 2005 (see document (LC 28/15, annex 10).

Another important component of the outreach and technical assistance is the project "Identification and removal of barriers to countries achieving compliance with ocean disposal agreements", or the 'Barriers to Compliance (B2C)Project'. 

Workshops and presentations 

To increase awareness of the London Convention and Protocol, and to assist prospective and new Parties in the preparation for, or implementation of, the instruments, a number of workshops/seminars are held each year, sometimes in conjunction with meetings of the Scientific Groups under the Convention and Protocol, or, as standalone workshops geared for a particular country or region.

A series of power point presentations have been developed under the B2C Project. These are normally used for workshops, and a generic set is available to download to the right. French and Spanish versions are available from the LC/LP Secretariat upon request. Disclaimer: Please note that the powerpoint presentations have been developed by the B2C Steering Group but may not be currently up to date. Any information contained in the presentations should be therefore be seen as indicative only and may not necessarily reflect the views of the LC/LP Secretariat or IMO.

Further guidance and assistance

A guidance on how to see assistance was developed by the B2C Project, and approved by the governing bodies in 2015. The guidance outlines the steps prospective Parties could take to get more information about the London Convention/Protocol, and what kind of assistance is available. The guidance can be downloaded from the related documents section on the right.