How and Where to Find IMO Information

Key IMO information sources

    IMODOCS is the official document repository of the IMO. IMODOCS provides full text of documents and resolutions issued since the late 1990s by the principal organs and committees of the Organization. Selected content is available to the public. Registration is required.
  • GISIS (Global Integrated Shipping Information System)
    GISIS provides public access to selected data collected by the Secretariat. Its aim is to allow online access to information supplied to the IMO Secretariat by Maritime Administrations, in compliance with IMO's instruments. Registration is required.
  • IMO Publishing
    Information about IMO's publications available for purchase in print and electronic formats.

Selected Information Resources

  • Finding IMO Documents on the shelves of the Maritime Knowledge Centre
    Guide to locating print versions of older IMO Documents which are not available on IMODOCS.
  • Affiliated Bodies and Programmes
    IMO site describing and linking to affiliated bodies & programmes.
  • IMO Conventions
    Provides information on instruments received during the year, current number of ratifications for each treaty and the corresponding world merchant shipping tonnage, and more.
  • IMO Index of Resolutions
    Index of Resolutions originating from the key organs and committees of the Organization.
  • IMO Meeting Summaries
    IMO site with recent and archival meeting summaries.
  • Member States, IGOs and NGOs
    Member States, Associate Members and year of entry; contact details for Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) with observer status and Non-governmental international Organizations (NGOs) in consultative status.
  • Piracy Reports
    IMO site providing Reports on Acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships (MSC Circulars), issued at least quarterly and annually. Reports are available from 2008 to the present.

IMO in the United Nations

The Convention on the International Maritime Organization was prepared and opened for signature and acceptance by the United Nations Maritime Conference convened by the Secretary-General of the United Nations pursuant to Economic and Social Council resolution 35 (IV). The Conference met at Geneva from 19 February to 6 March 1948.

As a result of the entry into force of the amendments adopted by the IMCO Assembly by its resolutions A.358 (IX) of 14 November 1975 and A.371 (X) of 9 November 1977 [rectification of resolution A.358 (IX) (see chapter XII.1(d)]], the name of the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO) has been changed to "International Maritime Organization (IMO)" and the title of the Convention modified accordingly.  (United Nations Treaty Collection [Online] Chapter XII, Navigation)

Research Guides

United Nations and the Ocean (Compiled by the IMO Maritime Knowledge Centre)

UN System Documentation  (Compiled by the Dag Hammarskjold Library, UN New York)