Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC)


The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) addresses environmental issues under IMO’s remit. This includes the control and prevention of ship-source pollution covered by the MARPOL treaty, including oil, chemicals carried in bulk, sewage, garbage and emissions from ships, including air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Other matters covered include ballast water management, anti-fouling systems, ship recycling, pollution preparedness and response, and identification of special areas and particularly sensitive sea areas.

Completed Meetings

Title Date
MEPC 74th session 16/05/2019
MEPC 73rd session 25/10/2018
MEPC 72nd session 12/04/2018
MEPC 71st session 06/07/2017
MEPC 70th session 27/10/2016
MEPC 69th session 21/04/2016
MEPC 68th session 14/05/2015
MEPC 67th session 16/10/2014
MEPC 66th session 03/04/2014
MEPC 65th session 16/05/2013
MEPC 64th session 04/10/2012
MEPC 63rd session 02/03/2012
MEPC 62nd session 14/07/2011
MEPC 61st Session 30/09/2010
MEPC 60th Session 26/03/2010