Facilitation Committee

The Facilitation Committee was born from an ad hoc Working Group on Facilitation which met for the first time in September 1967. The Group held six sessions and, in May 1972, the IMO Council, noting the satisfactory work done and the desire of Member States to broaden the facilitation activities of IMO and place them on a permanent basis, established the Facilitation Committee as a subsidiary body of the Organization’s Council.

The Facilitation Committee met for first time in April 1973. At the end of the 1980s, it was the only Committee not institutionalized under the IMO Convention. The IMO Council agreed to a proposal for its institutionalization “so as to ensure the complete legal reflection of the IMO’s structural activities”, which led to the adoption of the 1991 amendment to the IMO Convention that came into force in 2008.

The attendance to the FAL Committee is open to all Member States of IMO.

Reports of the FAL Committee since 2000 can be downloaded from the below list.



FAL 28/19          FAL 31/20         FAL 34/19

FAL 29/18          FAL 32/22         FAL 35/17

FAL 30/20          FAL 33/19         FAL 36/17

FAL 37/17          FAL 38/15         FAL 39/16