Halon banking and reception facilities

With the adoption of the 1992 and 2000 amendments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention (resolutions MSC.27(61) and MSC.99(73)), new installations of halon fire-extinguishing systems were prohibited. However, halons need not be withdrawn from existing fire-extinguishing systems. Noting that it would be useful to have information on the availability of halon banking and reception facilities at various ports around the world to recharge or decommission existing fire-extinguishing systems, it was decided by the Sub-Committee on Fire Protection (FP) to disseminate information on the availability of such facilities.

Therefore, a new GISIS module called " Test Laboratories and Halon Facilities " has been put into service, containing a list of halon banking and reception facilities, to facilitate the deposit of decommissioned halons or the purchase of recycled halons. The list is updated by the authorized individuals from the Administrations when necessary.