Summary of SOLAS chapter III


Entry into force: 1 July 1998

Part A General

Regulation 1 Application

Regulation 2 Exemptions

Regulation 3 Definitions

Regulation 4 Evaluation, testing and approval of life-saving appliances and arrangements

Regulation 5 Production tests

Part B Requirements for ships and life-saving appliances

Section I Passenger ships and cargo ships

Regulation 6 Communications

Regulation 7 Personal life-saving appliances

Regulation 8 Muster list and emergency instructions

Regulation 9 Operating instructions

Regulation 10 Manning of survival craft and supervision

Regulation 11 Survival craft muster and embarkation arrangements

Regulation 12 Launching stations

Regulation 13 Stowage of survival craft

Regulation 14 Stowage of rescue boats

Regulation 15 Stowage of marine evacuation systems

Regulation 16 Survival craft launching and recovery arrangements

Regulation 17 Rescue boat embarkation, launching and recovery arrangements

Regulation 17-1 Recovery of persons from the water

Regulation 18 Line-throwing appliances

Regulation 19 Emergency training and drills

Regulation 20 Operational readiness, maintenance and inspections

Section II Passenger ships (additional requirements)

Regulation 21 Survival craft and rescue boats

Regulation 22 Personal life-saving appliances

Regulation 23 Survival craft and rescue boat embarkation arrangements

Regulation 24 Stowage of survival craft

Regulation 25 Muster stations

Regulation 26 Additional requirements for ro-ro passenger ships

Regulation 27 Information on passengers

Regulation 28 Helicopter landing and pick-up areas

Regulation 29 Decision support system for masters of passenger ships

Regulation 30 Drills

Section III Cargo ships (additional requirements)

Regulation 31 Survival craft and rescue boats

Regulation 32 Personal life-saving appliances

Regulation 33 Survival craft embarkation and launching arrangements

Section IV Life-saving appliances and arrangements requirements

Regulation 34 [untitled]

Section V Miscellaneous

Regulation 35 Training manual and on-board training aids

Regulation 36 Instructions for on-board maintenance

Regulation 37 Muster list and emergency instructions

Part C Alternative design and arrangements

Regulation 38 Alternative design and arrangements