IMO’s Multi-donor GHG Trust Fund

MEPC 74 (May 2019) agreed to establish a voluntary multi-donor trust fund ("GHG TC-Trust Fund"), to provide a dedicated source of financial support for technical cooperation and capacity-building activities to support the implementation of the Initial IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships (MEPC 74/18/Add.1, annex 17).

The resources of the Trust Fund include voluntary contributions from IMO Member States, UN Agencies, international organizations and other entities who have expressed support for the Initial IMO Strategy. 

IMO's Marine Environment Division is the principal implementing office of the Trust Fund and it is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the work programme to be financed from the Trust Fund.

Member Governments and International Organizations interested to target financial contributions to address GHG emissions from ships are invited to consider a donation to the GHG TC-Trust Fund and to contact the Secretariat by email ( indicating the intended contribution. Upon receipt of this pledge, the Secretariat will send an acknowledgement letter detailing the Organization's standard procedure for the receipt and use of these funds.

More information about the Trust Fund can be found in document MEPC 81-7-1 submitted to MEPC 81.