Global Programmes

To supplement the regional programmes, global programmes focus on specific technical issues undertaken from a global perspective. The merit of global programming is that funds can be targeted across a spectrum of issues, including support to SIDS and LDCs, IMO Member State Audit Scheme and women in maritime. 

The result is that while the global programmes differ primarily in the scope of their planning structure, ultimately the beneficiaries remain the same: the developing regions gain from the symbiosis of both regional and global programmes, which deliver training events, fellowships and technical advisory missions to those who need them the most, and together contribute to the sustainable development of the maritime community.

The ensuing themes are embedded in the ITCP through the following global programmes:

  • Technical Advisory Services

  • Support to Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries for their shipping needs

  • Women in maritime

  • Capacity-building and training

  • Enhancement of maritime security

  • IMO Member State Audit Scheme

  • Maritime development and the Blue Economy

  • Promotion of the London Protocol

  • Djibouti Code of Conduct

  • West and Central Africa Maritime Security