A marine casualty as defined in paragraph 2.9 of the Casualty Investigation Code: 

"2.9 A marine casualty means an event, or a sequence of events, that has resulted in any of the following which has occurred directly in connection with the operations of the ship:

.1 the death of, or serious injury to, a person;

.2 the loss of a person from a ship;

.3. the loss, presumed loss or abandonment of a ship;

.4 material damage to a ship;

.5 the stranding or disabling of a ship, or the involvement of a ship in a collision;

.6 material damage to marine infrastructure external to a ship, that could seriously endanger the safety of the ship, another ship or an individual; or

.7 severe damage to the environment, or the potential for severe damage to the environment, brought about by the damage of a ship or ships.

However, a marine casualty does not include a deliberate act or omission with the intention to cause harm to the safety of a ship, an individual or the environment."

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