Waste Assessment Guidance

A number of documents, including Generic and Specific guidance for the various waste streams considered under the Convention and Protocol, have been developed to assist in the implementation at national level. In addition, a Waste Assessment Guidance Training Set is also available, as well as a low tech waste assessment guidance extension.   

Waste Assessment Guidance Training Set 

This is a set of instructional materials for a short, half-day presentation on waste assessment guidance under the London Convention and the London Protocol. The WAG is intended for use by national authorities responsible for regulating the ocean dumping of wastes. 

The Training Set includes a series of slides that complements the Instructors Manual:

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: The London Convention and the London Protocol
  • Part 3: Step 1: Waste Characterization
  • Part 3: Step 2: Waste Prevention Audit and Management Options
  • Part 3: Step 3: Action List
  • Part 3: Step 4: Select a dump-site
  • Part 3: Step5: Impact assessment
  • Part 3: Step 6: The Permitting System
  • Part 3: Step 7: Permit Conditions
  • Part 3: Step 8: Monitoring
  • Part 4: Reference Materials

Low cost, low technology waste assessment guidance. 

Specific waste assessment guidance has been developed for the application of low-technology techniques for assessing dredged material, it aims to assist individuals, or organizations, in reviewing operations and provides the tools from a simple starting point to incrementally build an assessment, management and permitting system for dredged material to be considered for disposal to sea.  

The text of the guidance can be downloaded from here, or as an IMO publication no. I540, entitled Guidelines on low cost, low technology assessment of dredged material: 2015 edition. 

Guidelines for low cost, low technology field monitoring is also in the process of being published, and compliance monitoring guidance is under development.

Waste Assessment Guidance documents

This file currently available in English contains the following guidance in their 2014 versions:

  • Generic Waste Assessment Guidelines
  • Carbon Dioxide Streams Assessment Guidelines
  • Action Lists and Levels for Dredged Materials
  • Dredged Material Assessment Guidelines
  • Sewage Sludge Assessment Guidelines
  • Fish Waste Assessment Guidelines
  • Vessel Assessment Guidelines
  • Platform and Structures Assessment Guidelines
  • Inert, Inorganic Geological Material Assessment Guidelines
  • Organic Material of Natural Origin Assessment Guidelines
  • Bulky Items Assessment Guidelines

 Note that these texts are only provided to facilitate the work of national administrations. For any other purpose, please refer to the publication "Waste Assessment Guidelines under the London Convention and Protocol: 2014 edition", sales ref. IA531E, which is available form IMO Publications.