Tripartite Agreements

In accordance with the decision taken by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) at its fifty-sixth session, key information for all new provisional Tripartite Agreements received by IMO is now presented on the website.

The purpose of this action is to overcome the time gap that can exist between when a Tripartite Agreement is concluded and its appearance in the subsequent MEPC.2/Circular (issued in December each year) since during this time any new parties having an interest may not be aware that a particular Tripartite Agreement has been established. Additionally, the website listing may also serve to highlight if a significant amendment has recently been made to a previously established Tripartite Agreement which is featured in the current MEPC.2/Circular.

With respect to the information provided for Tripartite Agreements concluded under Lists 1, 3 and 4 of the MEPC.2/Circular, the name of the product, the submitting country and the list number are given, while for those assessments concluded under List 2, the product trade name, the contains name, the n.o.s. entry number and the reporting country are presented.

In accordance with the above, Tripartite Agreements arising since the last MEPC.2/Circular along with amended entries whenever appropriate, may be found under the reports sub-section shown in the adjoining list of topics.