List of IMO OPRC-HNS related guidance and manuals

The materials listed below cover many aspects of marine pollution preparedness and response, predominantly developed through the former OPRC-HNS Technical Group, a subsidiary group of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee. Their purpose is to support the implementation of the OPRC Convention and OPRC-HNS Protocol. 

OPRC and HNS related IMO Publications
  • Manual on Oil Pollution: 
    • Section I – Prevention (2011 edition)
    • Section II – Contingency Planning (1995 edition)
    • Section III – Salvage (1997 edition)
    • Section IV – Combating Oil Spills (2005 edition)
    • Section V – Administrative Aspects of Oil Pollution Response (2009 edition)
    • Section VI – IMO Guidelines for Sampling and Identification of Oil Spills (1998 edition)
  • IMO/UNEP Guidelines on Oil Spill Dispersant Application including environmental considerations (1995 edition)
  • Manual on oil spill risk evaluation and assessment of response preparedness (2010 edition)
  • IMO/UNEP Guidance Manual on the assessment and restoration of environmental damage following marine oil spills (2009 edition)
  • Guidance document on the implementation of an incident management system (IMS) (2012 edition)
  • Guidance on the safe operation of oil pollution combating equipment (2017)
  • Guideline for oil spill response in fast currents (2013 edition)
  • Bioremediation in marine oil spills (2004 edition)
  • Guidelines for the development of shipboard marine pollution emergency plans (2010 edition)
  • IMO/FAO Guidance on managing seafood safety during and after oil spills (2002 edition)
  • Manual on chemical pollution:
    • Section 1 – Problem Assessment and Response Arrangements (1999 edition)
    • Section 2 – Search and Recovery of Packaged Goods lost at Sea (2007 edition)
  • Field guide for oil spill response in Tropical waters (1997 edition)
All IMO publications are availabe for purchase through IMO Publishing.

OPRC relation publications developed jointly with the oil and gas industry
IMO/IPIECA Report Series: