Vendor registration

Thank you for your interest in business opportunities with the IMO and registering in the IMO Vendor Database. To be considered for registration, it is important that potential vendors provide correct information. The following information is required in the English language:

  • Duly Completed Vendor Registration Form including Annex - Statement of Confirmation.
  • Current and valid copy of license to trade.
  • Latest certified or audited financial statements, ie. balance sheet and income statements; or your annual report to Shareholders; or similar information on the financial reliability of your company (if you intend to be considered for awards amounting to GBP100,000 or more).
  • Banking information including Bank Name, Account Name, SWIFT and BIC codes, Bank Address, Bank Account Number, for payment of invoices.
  • General information about your company and the products/services offered.
  • References from at least three (3) clients to whom your company has provided goods/services over the past 12 months.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. 

Vendors may be eligible for registration but are not necessarily qualified for a certain procurement action. This latter status is only determined after a pre-qualification or a tender/solicitation evaluation exercise.

The UN Supplier Code of Conduct (available on this site) applies for all vendors that desire to do business, or who are already doing business with IMO.

We thank you for your interest in being a vendor to the IMO and look forward to receiving your application soon.