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IMO General Condition Services

Procurement Ethics and Code of Conduct

The IMO applies a zero tolerance policy for fraud, corruption or related forms of misconduct with respect to its officials. In carrying out its activities, IMO officials shall adhere to the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity required from international civil servants. The solicitation or acceptance of any gratuity, gift, favour, entertainment, loan or anything of value from anyone who conducts business with the IMO is strictly prohibited. The IMO acts in compliance with general principles of sound financial and risk management. The IMO is committed to good governance and transparency.
In addition, suppliers that desire to do business or are already doing business with the IMO are required to follow the UN Supplier Code of Conduct and any other ethical requirements as may be set forth in the IMO solicitation and/or contractual documents.
Prospective and existing vendors are advised to visit the IMO website regularly to stay abreast of policy changes that could impact their ability to do business with the IMO.