Contract Awards

Below are all purchase orders above £50,000 and all EC contracts over €15,000. This information is updated regularly, at least twice a year, if there is any contract awarded during this period.

02/02/2023One offRicardo-AEA LtdUKStudy on the readiness and availability of low-and zero-carbon technology and marine fuels £ 199,998.56
13/12/20215 yearsBarnett WaddinghamUKProvision of Actuarial Valuation Services£ 186,000.00
01/11/20211 yearManaged Technology Corporation Ltd
UKRental of all equipment£ 68,120.04
26/10/20211 yearDXC (Formally CSC)UK
SAP Applications Maintenance and Support£ 275,732.08
01/09/20213 yearsGIG UKTemporary catering staff for the Catering Unit and Despatch Unit£ 707,000.00
01/09/20213 yearsIVC TechnologiesUKBroadcast Technical Refurbishment£ 1,219,273.00
17/08/2021One offIVC Technologies LtdUKConference Facilities-Broadcasting refurbishment£ 1,219,273.00
01/08/20213 yearsCPIUKshort-run lithographic, digital, and print on demand (POD) work£ 210,000.00
01/08/20213 yearsHobbsUKshort-run lithographic, digital, and print on demand (POD) work£ 210,000.00
01/08/20213 yearsPureprintUKshort-run lithographic, digital, and print on demand (POD) work£ 210,000.00
23/07/20213 yearsMicropressUKProvision of printing services-  Large print run lithographic work and storage£ 270,000.00
01/07/2021One offDNV AS Norway / SingaporeNorway / Singapore
Techncial advisory support for indentification of pilot projects
$ 150,000.00
02/06/20211 yearDNV GL AS (Norway)Norway / SingaporeConsultancy services to support the development of rapid assessments and national action plan (NAP) to reduce emission from shipping and identification of pilot project$ 150,000.00
04/05/20211 yearGartner UK LtdUKGartner Contract  for SAP£ 181,360.02
01/05/2021One offRicardo UK LtdUKThe provision of the study on sustainable criteria and life-cycle GH emission assessment methods and standards for alternative marine fuels£ 49,716.00
1 yearVeritas Petroleum Services B.V.NetherlandsProvision for Data for Suplhur content$ 64,000.00
01/04/20211 yearWorld Maritime University (WMU)SwedenSupport to the experience-building phase (EBP) associated with the Ballast Water Management Convention by WMU as defined in the Terms of Reference set out in Annex$ 100,000.00
31/03/20211 yearJKUATKenyaMTCC - Africa€ 1,268,000.00
31/03/20211 yearUTTTrinidad and TobagoMTCC - Caribbean€ 1,370,000.00
01/03/20211 yearStarcrestUSAConsultancy fees$ 65,000.00
11/02/2021One offDNV GL AS (Norway)NorwayEnvironment Advisory - C2 Emissions£ 75,000.00
01/02/20211 yearUN Conference Trade and Development UKQualitative and quantitative assessment of specific negative impacts on States following from the approved short-term GHG reduction measure$ 169,500.00
28/01/20211 yearKUDOUKRenewal subscription for 2021 virtual meetings at the IMO
$ 140,000.00 
01/01/20211 yearMCGA - Maritime CoastGuard Agency / DFT - Department for TransportUKRent, notional insurance, rental charges (conference facility receipts), and the IMO’s contribution towards non-capital major repairs and Managing Agent fees.£ 298,937.75 per quarter