Credentials for IMO meetings

Information for IMO Member States and Governments which are entitled and intend to participate in a session of the IMO Assembly, Council or Committees


Each IMO Member State or Government which is entitled and intends to participate in a session of the IMO Assembly, Council or Committee is required by these bodies' respective Rules of Procedure to submit a letter of credentials for that particular session. For the specific requirements of each of the above-mentioned IMO organs, delegations may refer to rule 9 of their Rules of Procedure, which may be found in the IMO publication Basic Documents Vol. I (2018 edition), an e-copy of which is available on IMODOCS. A document containing a model letter of credentials is available to delegations upon request.

All Member State or Government delegations are kindly requested to note that the submission of credentials is an additional requirement to the online registration of delegates via IMO's Online Meeting Registration System (OMRS). Participation in IMO Sub-Committees, Working Groups, Technical Groups, etc. does not require the submission of credentials. However, delegations are required to register their participants in OMRS for all IMO meetings.

The Organization has a dedicated email address for the receipt of credentials for IMO meetings, as well as credentials-related enquiries: Any enquiries sent to this email address which are not related to credentials for IMO meetings will  be ignored. Users are kindly requested to direct any general enquiries to