Maritime Safety Committee (MSC)


The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) deals with all matters related to maritime safety and maritime security which fall within the scope of IMO, covering both passenger ships and all kinds of cargo ships. This includes updating the SOLAS Convention and related codes, such as those covering dangerous goods, life-saving appliances and fire safety systems. The MSC also deals with human element issues, including amendments to the STCW Convention on training and certification of seafarers. The MSC has a wide range of issues on its current agenda, including goal-based standards, autonomous vessels, piracy and armed robbery against ships, cyber security and e-navigation.

Completed Meetings

Title Date
Preview MSC 108th session 13/05/2024
MSC 107th session 09/06/2023
MSC 106th session 11/11/2022
MSC 105th session 29/04/2022
MSC 104th session 08/10/2021
MSC 103rd session 14/05/2021
MSC 102nd session 11/11/2020
MSC 101st session 14/06/2019
MSC 100th session 07/12/2018
MSC 99th session 25/05/2018
MSC 98th session 16/06/2017
MSC 97th session 25/11/2016
MSC 96th session 25/05/2016
MSC 95th session 12/06/2015
MSC 94th session 21/11/2014
MSC 93rd session 23/05/2014
MSC 92nd session 21/06/2013
MSC 91st session 30/11/2012
MSC 90th session 25/05/2012
MSC 89th session 20/05/2011
MSC 88th session 03/12/2010
MSC 87th Session 21/05/2010