Legal Committee (LEG)


The Legal Committee (LEG) deals with any legal matters within IMO’s scope. This includes liability and compensation issues related to the operation of ships, including damage, pollution, passenger claims, and wreck removal. The Committee also addresses seafarer matters, including the fair treatment of seafarers, and issues concerning unlawful activities at sea which affect the safety of navigation.

Completed Meetings

Title Date
LEG 109th session 25/03/2022
LEG 108th session 30/07/2021
LEG 107th session 01/12/2020
LEG 106th session 29/03/2019
LEG 105th session 25/04/2018
LEG 104th session 28/04/2017
LEG 103rd session 10/06/2016
LEG 102nd session 16/04/2015
LEG 101st session 01/05/2014
LEG 100th session 18/04/2013
LEG 99th session 20/04/2012
LEG 98th session 08/04/2011
LEG 97th Session 19/11/2010
LEG 96th Session 09/10/2009