Sub-Committee on Human element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW)


The Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW) deals with the human side of shipping, including training and certification; the review, updating and revision of IMO model courses; and guidance addressing issues such as fatigue.


Title Date
HTW 10th session 09/02/2024
HTW 9th session 10/02/2023
HTW 8th session 11/02/2022
HTW 7th session 24/02/2021
HTW 6th session 03/05/2019
HTW 5th session 20/07/2018
HTW 4th session 03/02/2017
HTW 3rd session 05/02/2016
HTW 2nd Session 06/02/2015
STW 44th session 03/05/2013
HTW 1st Session 21/02/2014
STW 43rd session 04/06/2012
STW 42nd session 28/01/2011
STW 41st Session 15/01/2010
STW 40th Session 06/02/2009