Facilitation Committee (FAL)


The Facilitation Committee (FAL) deals with matters related to the facilitation of international maritime traffic, including the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo from ports. The Committee also addresses electronic business, including the single window concept, and aims to ensure that the right balance is struck between regulation and the facilitation of international maritime trade.

Completed Meetings

Title Date
FAL 48th session 12/04/2024
FAL 47th session 17/03/2023
FAL 46th Session 13/05/2022
FAL 45th Session 04/06/2021
FAL 44th Session 02/10/2020
FAL 43rd Session 12/04/2019
FAL 42nd Session 08/06/2018
FAL 41st Session 07/04/2017
FAL 40th Session 08/04/2016
FAL 39th session 26/09/2014
FAL 38th session 12/04/2013
FAL 37th session 09/09/2011
FAL 36th Session 10/09/2010
FAL 35th Session 16/01/2009