Documentation Services

The Documents, Language Technologies, Terminology and Reference Section (DLTRS) is at the centre of the multilingual document lifecycle and connects the technical divisions and the language services with the Member States. Its responsibilities include document control and distribution (IMODOCS, printing services and distribution of publications allocated to Member States) and technological, terminological, and referencing support to translation and interpretation services. DLTRS runs the Documents Counter at IMO to provide documentation and information services to Member States. DLTRS is also the focal point for external queries regarding IMO documentation and terminology.

DLTRS has also been actively involved in initiatives to promote easier access to IMO documentation and improve the transparency and distribution of IMO documents. One successful project was the implementation of re-issues on IMODOCS, clearly indicating when a document has been modified without the need for a corrigendum.

Looking to the future, in early 2021, the Secretariat initiated a project to showcase the potential of XML technology to enhance the access of Member States to IMO documentation. A prototype of MARPOL Annex VI in XML compiled by the project team was presented to the Council, in order to gather feedback and input from the Membership. The uptake was very positive, and this is an area where documentation services will continue to leverage a partnership with other UN agencies and external consultants to improve digital access.


 All IMO documents are available on IMODOCS in the three working languages (English, French and Spanish). Reports of Committees, Assembly Resolutions and Council Decisions are available in all six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).

A Virtual Portal has also been created on IMODOCS for informal information sharing between Member States (Circular Letter No.4472). Should you wish to submit material for this portal, please email us at

IMO Terminology on UNTERM

IMO uses UNTERM as its terminology portal to produce and disseminate IMO terminology in the six official languages. This portal is shared with the United Nations and other specialized agencies and is publicly available at


During meetings, delegations are invited to submit their interventions in advance to support the work of the interpreters to Upon request, submitted statements can be attached to the report of the session.

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