In accordance with paragraph 4.3.1 of the Procedures, auditors nominated by Member States should have demonstrable auditing skills and techniques, as for example obtained from a management system auditor training course, International Safety Management (ISM) Code auditor training course or IMSAS auditor training course, and the following personal qualities and qualifications are desirable:

  1. initiative, judgement, tact, sensitivity and the ability to maintain harmonious working relations when meeting intended or unintended obstacles during the audit, and when working in a multicultural environment;

  2. proven skills at managerial and/or senior level;

  3. demonstrated motivation and the ability to write clearly and concisely;

  4. full command of at least one of the six official IMO languages;

  5. in-depth knowledge of the functions of an Administration;

  6. good knowledge of the IMO's regulatory framework, including relevant instruments; and

  7. computer literacy.

The individuals to be nominated by Member States should enter their details through E-roster, which will then be validated by the Secretariat against the criteria stipulated in the Procedures, after an official nomination has been received from the Member State concerned, as indicated by the procedures set out in Circular Letter No.3547 of 8 May 2015.