History of SOLAS

The SOLAS Convention in its successive forms is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant ships. The first version was adopted in 1914, in response to the Titanic disaster, the second in 1929, the third in 1948, and the fourth in 1960. Read more

SOLAS 1914 

Text of the Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. Signed at London, January 20, 1914 <with translation>. Source:  Open Library

Safety of life at sea: analysis and explanatory notes of the London Convention on Safety of Life at Sea in relation to the American Merchant Marine prepared by Andrew Furuseth. Washington : [G.P.O.], 1914.  SOURCE:  Harvard University Collection Development Department, Widener Library, HCL.

SOLAS 1960 IMCO/SAFCON 1960  List of documents
SOLAS 1974 UN Treaty Series 1974 Full Text

SOLAS Conference Documents