Vacancies in the General Service Category

General Service posts provide administrative, technical and operational support to the programmes and activities of the Organization.

When applying to posts in the General Service category, candidates are tested in various skills outlined in the Vacancy Notice, these include proficiency in English (the main working language of the Organization) and MS Office requirements are in each case, before applying.

Recruitment to General Service posts is limited to local status only. This means that applicants must have unhindered eligibility to live and work in the UK.  IMO does not sponsor work visas for any staff in the General Service category. Additionally, costs for interview travel, removal or relocation upon appointment to London are not covered for recruits to posts in the General Service category.

Only applications submitted through the Candidate Portal can be accepted. All applications should be supported by an anonymised CV. 

Your application will be disqualified if your name or contact details are included in your CV attachment or the file name. 

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