Integrated bridge system (IBS)

An integrated bridge system (IBS) is defined as a combination of systems which are interconnected in order to allow centralized access to sensor information or command/control from workstations, with the aim of increasing safe and efficient ship's management by suitably qualified personnel.

Performance stadards for integrated bridge systems were adopted by IMO in 1996 (Resolution MSC.64(67))

The revised SOLAS chapter V adopted in December 2000 and entering into force in July 2002 says in Regulation 19 Carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and equipment paragraph 6: Integrated bridge systems shall be so arranged that failure of one sub-system is brought to immediate attention of the officer in charge of the navigational watch by audible and visual alarms, and does not cause failure to any other sub-system. In case of failure in one part of an integrated navigational system, it shall be possible to operate each other individual item of equipment or part of the system separately.