Voluntary Multi-Donor Trust Fund (VMDTF) for financial support to attend IMO GHG meetings

The Council, at its 128th session, endorsed the establishment of the Voluntary Multi-Donor Trust Fund (VMDTF) providing financial assistance to representatives of developing countries, in particular SIDS and LDCs, which are IMO Member States, in attending the meetings of MEPC and ISWG-GHG. The Fund is open to voluntary contributions from all States, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, other interested entities, and individuals, noting that contributions will remain anonymous, unless otherwise requested, without option of donors to target specific beneficiary States or regions with their contributions, beyond supporting the Fund's overall mandate, in order to prevent undue influence. 

More information about the Trust Fund can be found in  Circular Letter No.4703.

To apply for funding to attend MEPC 82 and ISWG-GHG 17 in September/October 2024, please see Circular Letter No.4866.