United Nations 75th anniversary - 24 October 2020

Statement by Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Message from IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim on UN Day (24 October 2020) 

"The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is proud to be part of the UN family. The United Nations was founded 75 years ago on the basis of global solidarity and collaboration, to build a better world.  

As we face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, that spirit of cooperation, collaboration and communication amongst nations is needed more than ever.  

In the maritime sector, we have been working together to try to resolve the crew change crisis facing seafarers stranded at sea. Shipping is delivering vital goods including food and medicines during the pandemic and maritime trade will be the main driver for economic recovery. 

At IMO, we will continue to work to support the aims and ambitions of the sustainable development goals, in particular, to ensure sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet. We will play our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping and support the battle against climate change. In conjunction with our UN sister agencies, the IMO has built an enviable record of progress to improve the safety, security and environmental performance of shipping, so vital to the world’s economy.  That progress will continue.   

I congratulate the United Nations on its 75th anniversary.  

IMO will do all it can to support and uphold the UN values as we confront our common challenges and work together towards a better future."