Sustainable Blue Economy Conference, Nairobi, Kenya - statement, plenary session

Statement Plenary Session, Sustainable Blue Economy Conference Nairobi, 26 November 2018 IMO Secretary-Geenral Kitack Lim

Excellencies, ministers, distinguished participants, ladies and gentleman,

The world depends on the rich ocean environments…the world depends on international trade provided by the shipping sector…just another example of the close relationship between ships and oceans.

No one else is more knowledgeable about international shipping and its importance to the whole world than the International Maritime Organization.

As the specialized agency of the United Nations entrusted with setting global standards for safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping, we are the most relevant entity to work, in collaboration with all countries of the world and national, regional and international organizations, to enhance all efforts towards the protection of our oceans.

IMO is at the vanguard in introducing as many appropriate measures as possible to protect the oceans, enhance global connectivity and increase smart shipping, ports and transportation.

Our success is tangible with our 70 years of experience increasing safety, security, protection of the marine environment, and promoting a global workforce that keeps economies of the world moving forward… and therein lies our commitment to and work towards a sustainable blue economy.

Just this year, IMO adopted the initial IMO strategy on reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from ships, with a vision to phase them out as soon as possible in this century.

We are considering additional possible measures to address marine plastic litter from ships, beyond the international rules we already have in place.

And we do all of this with our well established spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The health and state of our oceans and its resources is critical to our future. I will continue to lead IMO to further enhance synergies between UN agencies, global and regional bodies and governments in the area of blue economy, in demonstrating the leadership, expertise and knowledge of this great global organization, in charge of regulating a truly international industry, encouraging innovation and efficiency for future generations to come.

Thank you.