Rio +20: High-Level Round Table discussion “Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference”

Speech by the Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization,
during the High-Level Round Table discussion “Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference”
at the Rio +20 Conference, 21 June 2012

Thank you Madam Chairman,
Excellencies, distinguished delegates,

First of all I would like to express appreciation for the opportunity provided for the to provide the contribution of IMO in this Round Table.

Regardless of the nature of the industry, being manufacturers, service providers, food, energy, every industry should develop its own sustainable development goals (SDGs) in achieving the Green Economy.  In our industry, Blue Economy.

While maritime industry, such as shipping, should continuously contribute towards the sustainable and healthy oceans and seas, the maritime industry should pursue objectives of the Green Economy.

Shipping carries more than 90 per cent of the world trade. Shipping itself is indispensible for the sustainable development of all.  Shipping provides opportunities to developing countries of employment as seafarers to work in this industry.  Currently more than one million and five hundred thousand of seafarers are working in this international industry.

As clearly stated in this Round Table this morning, we should start working here for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as a major outcome of Rio +20.  The shipping industry and IMO will develop their own Sustainable Development Goals for the maritime industry.  We will develop and implement an action programme for the implementation of maritime sustainable goals concerning:
  • energy efficiency reducing CO2 emissions from ships;
  • new technology and innovation;
  • maritime education and training;
  • maritime security and anti-piracy actions;
  • maritime traffic management;
  • maritime infrastructure development; and
  • global standards to be developed and maintained by IMO.
I would like to take this opportunity of informing the Conference that the IMO Council last week adopted the theme of the World Maritime Day theme next year, therefore the focus of the activity of IMO, being “Sustainable Development: IMO’s contribution beyond Rio+20”.  We will rigorously implement our SDGs for the maritime industry together with all maritime industries, maritime administrations and maritime education institutions.

By this, shipping and IMO will contribute towards healthy oceans and the sustainable development and provide IMO’s contributions to the global effort of the United Nations to pursue SDGs.

Finally, IMO will continue to provide the institutional framework for the Sustainable Development for maritime activities and co-operate with all UN agencies to deliver as One UN.

Thank you.