Council 35th Extraordinary Session (C ES 35) (opening remarks)

C ES 35, 10 and 11 March 2022

Remarks by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim 

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

I wish to welcome you to the virtual meetings of the thirty-fifth extraordinary session of the Council.We are meeting at a time when the global maritime community is seriously concerned about shipping operations, safety of ships and welfare of seafarers in the wake of the security situation in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. 

The internal Emergency Task Force I established to monitor the situation and advise accordingly under the coordination of the Director of the Maritime Safety Division supported by my Special Advisor for Maritime Security have been monitoring the situation and engaging with the relevant stakeholders. I encourage Member States, IGO's and NGOs to continue to share relevant information with the focal point through

The Seafarer Crisis Action Team has also been engaged in complementary efforts to support seafarers impacted by the crisis. The Secretariat will continue to keep the situation under review and engage in efforts and initiatives to ensure the safety of seafarers and shipping.

I would like to emphasise again  that shipping, particularly seafarers, cannot be collateral victims in a larger political and military crisis.

You have significant issues to consider during these two days of virtual meetings. I am confident that united by the purpose of the Organization and with the Council's common efforts you will have constructive discussions and achieve a productive outcome. Please rest assured that the Secretariat stands by to provide appropriate support to facilitate the proceedings.

Let me conclude by thanking you once again for your continued confidence, support, and cooperation.

Thank you.