Speeches by IMO Secretary-General

Title Date
World Maritime University - 2015 Graduation 01/11/2015
Future-Ready Shipping Conference 2015, Singapore 28/09/2015
ICS International Shipping Conference 09/09/2015
World Maritime Day Parallel Event, Yokohama, Japan (closing remarks) 21/07/2015
World Maritime Day Parallel Event, Tokyo, Japan (opening remarks) 20/07/2015
High-level Meeting to Address Unsafe Mixed Migration by Sea (closing remarks) 05/03/2015
High-level Meeting to Address Unsafe Mixed Migration by Sea (opening address) 04/03/2015
National Maritime Conference - Kenya 23/02/2015
Presentation of the 2013 International Maritime Prize to Dr. José Eusebio Salgado y Salgado 01/12/2014
IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2014 17/11/2014
Fourth National Congress of Mexican Merchant Marine 21/10/2014
5th Extraordinary International Hydrographic Conference (EIHC-5) 06/10/2014
European Coast Guard Functions Forum 25/09/2014
Second meeting of heads of maritime administrations of Member States from east Europe and west Asia and seminar on acceptance and implementation of IMO instruments 15/09/2014
ICS International Shipping Conference - Keynote speech 10/09/2014
Port and Shipping Tech Conference - ‘IMO’s achievements in the field of environmental protection’ 27/06/2014
Port and Shipping Tech Conference​ - High-level session on shipping emission regulations 27/06/2014
IACS Council meeting - ‘New IMO regulations, objectives and expectations from the future shipping industry’ 26/06/2014
FAO Committee on Fisheries 09/06/2014
IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) 2014 Graduation Ceremony 07/06/2014
Ministerial meeting to review the Djibouti Code of Conduct 02/06/2014
Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia - Plenary Session 14/05/2014
Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU - Informal Maritime Ministerial Meeting, Athens 07/05/2014
IMLI 25th Anniversary Event 28/04/2014
International Maritime Pilots’ Association, 22nd Congress 07/04/2014
Arctic Council - Meeting of Senior Arctic Officials 26/03/2014
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the International Maritime Organization 18/03/2014
Workshop on Safe Ship Operations in the Arctic Ocean - opening remarks 28/02/2014
London International Model United Nations - Opening ceremony: International Maritime Organization - “Supporting the United Nations” 21/02/2014
Reception to launch the 2014 theme for World Maritime Day “IMO conventions: effective implementation” 20/01/2014
2013 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 25/11/2013
World Maritime University Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2013 24/11/2013
WMU 30th Anniversary Celebrations 23/11/2013
Presentation of the International Maritime Prize for 2012 to Dr. T. A. Mensah 21/11/2013
Northern European Shipping CSR Symposium 12/11/2013
Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping: Speech to cadets on “the role of IMO in providing safe shipping, particularly in the Arctic” 19/10/2013
SIGTTO panel meeting - Keynote Speech 09/10/2013
World Maritime Day Parallel Event - Opening speech - Lima, Peru 02/10/2013
World Maritime Day Symposium on a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System 26/09/2013
London International Shipping Week - Keynote address on “Sustainable Maritime Development” 12/09/2013
ICS International Shipping Conference 11/09/2013
London International Shipping Week - Luncheon co-hosted with United Kingdom Shipping Minister 10/09/2013
OECD Port Cities Conference 09/09/2013
Event to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the World Maritime University (WMU) 10/07/2013
Bangladesh Marine Academy Golden Jubilee 25/06/2013
500th anniversary of the Piri Reis Map (Chart) 13/06/2013
Future Ship Safety Symposium - closing remarks 11/06/2013
Future Ship Safety Symposium - Opening Remarks 10/06/2013
Norshipping Conference: "Next Generation Shipping" 04/06/2013
5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) 02/06/2013
Interactive Particularly Sensitive Sea Area display launched at IMO HQ and online 16/05/2013
Presentation of a Commemorative Plaque to IMO by Chile (30th anniversary of IMO HQ opening) 13/05/2013
IMO International Maritime Law Institute - 2013 Graduation Ceremony 27/04/2013
Connecticut Maritime Association Conference - “Regulatory Environment” 19/03/2013
Panama Maritime XI - ‘Sustainable development: IMO’s contribution beyond Rio+20’ 27/02/2013
Panama Maritime XI - Opening Ceremony 26/02/2013
High-Level Symposium on International Maritime Developments in the Caribbean - opening address 22/02/2013
High Level Symposium on International Maritime Developments in the Caribbean - The Institutionalization of the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme 22/02/2013
Trinity House Younger Brethren’s Guest Night Dinner 14/02/2013
Reception to launch the 2013 theme for World Maritime Day: “Sustainable Development: IMO’s contribution beyond Rio+20” 07/01/2013
Seminar on the impact of search and rescue operations and the Polar Code on Antarctica 07/12/2012
Exponaval 2012 - Activity of IMO for Sustainable Maritime Transportation 05/12/2012
World Maritime University Graduation Ceremony 02/12/2012
International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare 2012 Awards 28/11/2012
2012 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 26/11/2012
Economy of the Sea Conference: The Sea – An Area to Manage, to Exploit and Protect 21/11/2012
40th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter (London Convention) 30/10/2012
World Maritime Day Parallel Event Bahrain 17/10/2012
International Conference on the Safety of Fishing Vessels (closing remarks) 11/10/2012
International Conference on the Safety of Fishing Vessels (opening speech) 09/10/2012
IMPA Conference 24/09/2012
World Shipping (China) Summit 2012 - “Sharing an orderly market” - Sustainable Development of the Shipping Industry 20/09/2012
IALA VTS Symposium 14/09/2012
International Chamber of Shipping Conference 12/09/2012
Korea Maritime University - Special lecture for graduated cadets 13/08/2012
International Conference Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Opening for Signature of the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea 12/08/2012
Yeosu Declaration from the viewpoint of IMO 12/08/2012
Natship Conference 2012 - Our Shipping Future 08/08/2012
Handover of Marine Electronic Highway Information Technology System 03/08/2012
Indonesian Higher Education and Training Institute - General Lecture for STIP Cadets and Students 03/08/2012
DP World High-Level Counter-Piracy Conference - statement by IMO Secretary-General 28/06/2012
DP World High-Level Counter-Piracy Conference - “The view from IMO on the current challenge of piracy” 27/06/2012
Rio +20: High-Level Round Table discussion “Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference” 21/06/2012
Rio+20 IMO side event - Presentation of the vision of Sustainable Maritime Development 20/06/2012
IACS Council meeting 31/05/2012
European Maritime Day: Sustainable Growth from the oceans, seas and coasts: blue growth 21/05/2012
IMO Conference on Capacity Building to Counter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia 15/05/2012
ReCAAP ISC PIRACY AND SEA ROBBERY CONFERENCE 2012: Safeguarding Seafarers: A Shared Responsibility 26/04/2012
Seminar on CSR activities for the shipping industry, Singapore 26/04/2012
Singapore Maritime Lecture: "Future challenges of international shipping and IMO" 25/04/2012
RINA annual dinner 17/04/2012
Piracy, the curse of maritime transport - “Coordination and co-operation: activities of IMO and the way forward” 28/03/2012
Piracy Conference organized by United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office 21/02/2012
Philippine Maritime Industry Stakeholders Lunch Forum 08/02/2012
Philippine Inter-Islands Shipping Association Dinner Forum 07/02/2012
Commissioning of Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre 14/12/2011
World Maritime University Graduation Ceremony 14/12/2011
2011 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 21/11/2011
European Maritime Safety Agency: “Looking forward: the evolution of EMSA’s tasks” 11/11/2011
5th International Forum on Maritime and Port Security 31/10/2011
Handover of petition on piracy 23/09/2010
Global Maritime Environmental Congress and Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology Exhibition 2010 06/09/2010