A new free-to-access e-learning course "Introduction to the ISM Code" has been launched exclusively in Spanish on the IMO e-learning platform. The course aims to provide Spanish-speaking personnel of Maritime Administrations, authorities, and individuals interested in maritime issues with the tools and knowledge to implement the International Safety Management Code (ISM) for the safe operation of ships.   

This is the first course to be offered solely in Spanish on the IMO e-learning platform before expanding it to other languages, contributing to the Organization's efforts to support multilingualism. Versions of the same course in other UN languages will be available in the future.   

Participants will learn about the ISM Code through seven modules that include four case studies, animations, and interactive sessions, as well as quizzes to enhance participants' learning experience.   

The ISM Code is a key mandatory code that establishes an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships, and for the implementation of a safety management system (SMS). It is intended to improve the safety of international shipping and to reduce pollution from ships by impacting on the way they are managed and operated by shipping companies. The effective implementation of the ISM Code encourages the development of a safety culture in shipping.  

IMO developed the course in collaboration with the World Maritime University (WMU) and the Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA). The course is co-funded by the Government of Malaysia. The content is based on an e-learning course for auditors on the safety management system that PNA provides to its officers.   

Distance learning is key for the Organization to meet changing educational needs in the maritime industry, so IMO is offering students and maritime professionals around the world the possibility to boost their understanding of key maritime issues with a series of courses through the IMO e-learning platform.