Spanish speakers interested in maritime issues can now access the first free to access course in Spanish available on the IMO e-learning platform. The "Introduction to Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation" course is aimed at stakeholders from the maritime industry and individuals new to the oil spill response community. 

Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of oil pollution preparedness and response in the marine and coastal environment.  

The English version of the course was launched in April 2022, and it was the first free to access course available in the IMO e-learning platform.

The launch of the Spanish version of the e-learning course contributes to the Organization's efforts to support multilingualism. Versions of the same course in other UN languages will be available in the future.  

The course is part of a series of e-Learning courses developed in collaboration with the World Maritime University (WMU). Distance learning is key to meeting the changing educational needs in the maritime industry. IMO is offering students and maritime professionals around the world the possibility to boost their understanding of key maritime issues.