Biofouling management is crucial in order to minimize introductions of invasive aquatic species via ships’ hulls. To support awareness and boost capacity in developing countries in particular, a new e-learning course on ships’ biofouling management has been launched (18 October).

The course provides a detailed introduction to multiple aspects related to ships’ biofouling, its role as a vector for the introduction of invasive aquatic species and the management solutions and technologies that are available. The course includes materials, videos, animations, quizzes, a roleplay exercise, and a test. A digital certificate is awarded on successful completion.

The course has been developed under the framework of GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Partnerships project, which assist developing countries in the implementation of the IMO Biofouling Guidelines to minimize introductions of invasive aquatic species via ships’ hulls.

Until 31 December 2022, the course will be available only for participants in the 12 GloFouling Partnerships beneficiary countries. From January 2023, anyone will be able to self‑enrol and take the course through

The course is part of the IMO e-learning portal, also known as Learning Management System (LMS), created to increase the capacity of Member States to effectively implement IMO instruments.

The e‑learning course on ships’ biofouling management is one of three World Maritime University (WMU)-IMO e-learning courses developed with the support of the IMO’s Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP).

Please dowload the Introduction to Marine Biofouling video here