Strengthening port security is the focus of a workshop underway in Hammamet, Tunisia (4-8 July). Thirty-six participants from Tunisia’s Ministry of Transport, Port Authority, stevedoring companies, and other entities directly involved in port security, are developing ways in which to collaborate and cooperate at the national level with a view to enhancing implementation and compliance with international requirements. The key issue under discussion is implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) for Designated Authorities (DA) and Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs).

Participants will enhance their ability to effectively perform their duties in accordance with the relevant provisions of IMO’s maritime security measures, including SOLAS Chapter XI-2, the ISPS Code, the IMO/ILO Code of Practice on Security in Ports, and related guidance. Oversight roles and responsibilities of the DA responsible for implementing the ISPS Code will also be covered during the workshop, which is organised by IMO and the United Kingdom Department for Transport (DfT).