IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference


IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference 

IMO and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore are jointly organizing the IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference and NextGEN Inaugural Workshop on 23 April 2021. These events seek to share insights on decarbonization, digitalization and trade in a disrupted world following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Conference will hear presentations on various cooperation and collaboration initiatives in the maritime value chain, showcase the importance of a globally coordinated approach to achieve the 2050 level of ambition set out in the Initial IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships, and maximize the potential of digitalization to ensure that the maritime supply chain optimizes its efficiency and resilience.

Panel discussions, addressing both decarbonization and digitalization specifics, will allow for an exchange of views on the additional opportunities and international efforts needed to support the maritime industry to become greener and more resilient.

NextGEN Inaugural Workshop

The NextGEN (where GEN stands for Green and Efficient Navigation) Inaugural Workshop during the Future of Shipping Conference will provide further means to enhance collaboration on the journey to decarbonization among leaders and subject matter experts from across the maritime and energy value chains, with special emphasis on collaboration among initiatives that address the needs of developing countries in particular LDCs and SIDS.

The Workshop will be undertaken in an invitation-only format with invitees representing the maritime value chain and key decarbonization initiatives to ensure targeted discussion, but key findings and recommendations will be reported back to the plenary of the conference.

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IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference 

Event details: The IMO-Singapore Future of Shipping Conference will be held online on Friday, 23 April 2021 from 9.00 a.m. to 11.50 a.m. (UTC+1)

Organisers: IMO and the Maritme and Port Authority of Singapore 

Contact: For further information please contact Mr Kevin Khoo (

Participation: Maritime administrations, shipping industry, port authorities, port operators, maritime start-ups, international organisations, academia.the Future of Shipping conference is open to all interested parties and addressed to maritime administrations, industry professionals, academia and organizations from the maritime community. The events will be conducted in English without interpretation.

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The NextGEN meeting is by invite only and will accommodate a limited number of participants representing a wide variety of maritime stakeholders across the Globe..

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