Biofouling events in Panama


Specialists in biofouling management from the Latin America and Caribbean region will be getting expert training through a series of events organized from 8-12 July 2024 in Panama. These include:

  • a dedicated training course on biofouling risk assessment and inspection methodologies;

  • field visits to observe in-water cleaning technologies in action, and hands-on demonstrations of the latest biofouling management solutions; and

  • a workshop specifically for Latin American and Caribbean Women in Maritime, fostering networking and professional development opportunities for women in this vital field.

The training activities are being organized by the IMO-executed GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Partnerships Project and TEST Biofouling project. 


Training course on biofouling risk assessment and in-water biofouling inspection methodologies

Date: 8-9 July 2024

Time: 9:00-16:00 (ETS)

Location: Panama

Technology demonstration on in-water cleaning

Date: 10 July 2024

Time: 9:00-16:00 (ETS)

Location: Panama

Latin America and Caribbean Women in Maritime - Biofouling Management Workshop

Date: 10-12 July 2024

Time: 8:30-18:00

Location: Panama


Please find the programme of the events here and below:


Biofouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae and animals on submerged structures (especially ships’ hulls). Studies have shown that biofouling can be a significant vector for the transfer of invasive aquatic species to new environments by ships, which has been identified as a major threat to the world’s oceans and to the conservation of biodiversity. Read more about biofouling here

IMO has been at the forefront of the international effort by taking the lead in addressing the transfer of invasive aquatic species through shipping. IMO's biofouling projects showcase environmentally sound technologies to manage ship's biofouling. Read more about the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Partnerships Project here and TEST Biofouling here.