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IMO Maritime Ambassador scheme

The multi-faceted maritime world offers a series of rich and fulfilling career opportunities for young people, both at sea and ashore. 

Seafaring can provide young generations not only with an opportunity to provide for their families but also with unique opportunities to navigate the seas of the globe and encounter the wonders of the world. Other avenues such as marine engineering, naval architecture and maritime law provide the chance for an exciting and dynamic life in a truly vital professional sphere. 

But young people need to be engaged and enthused if they are to see and understand these opportunities. With this in mind, IMO has launched the IMO Maritime Ambassadors scheme.​​​

Who is an IMO Maritime Ambassador?
An IMO Maritime Ambassador is a spokesperson or advocate for the maritime and seafaring professions.
Who can nominate an IMO Maritime Ambassador?
IMO Member Governments and international organizations in consultative status or which have concluded an agreement of cooperation with IMO are invited to participate in the scheme by selecting and identifying “IMO Maritime Ambassadors” to promote the maritime and seafaring professions and raise awareness of the positive benefits of choosing a career at sea or other maritime profession.
What does an IMO Maritime Ambassador​ do?
IMO Maritime Ambassadors are encouraged to share their passion about the maritime world with others, particularly young people who are starting out on their further education, apprenticeships and career pathways.
By reaching out, IMO Maritime Ambassadors can engage, inspire and call upon young people to consider careers at sea or in the maritime industries. The goal is to reach new target audiences and inspire a new generation of maritime experts and seafarers.​

Nominating an IMO Maritime Ambassador

Governments or other organizations wishing to nominate candidates for the IMO Maritime Ambassador Scheme are invited to use the nomination form (top right of page) to do so. Just download and complete the form, then send it by email to media @ (without spaces). Please put ‘Maritime Ambassador Scheme’ in the subject line of your email.

I want to become an IMO Maritime Ambassador, how can I get nominated?

Individuals may not nominate themselves.  If you are an individual who is interested in the scheme, please contact your national Government or a relevant organization (NGO or IGO).