2020 IMO Virtual Awards

IMO is very pleased to announce that the premiere of the 2020 IMO Virtual Awards will take place on Wednesday, 7 April 2021, at 1p.m. London time

Please click on the image below for access to the YouTube premiere on the day.


The International Maritime Organization will be premiering its first ever Virtual Awards event on its official YouTube Channel on Wednesday, 7 April 2021, at 1p.m. London time. 

The event, which is being held in place of the traditional IMO Awards Ceremony celebrated every year at IMO Headquarters, will be streamed live over approximately half an hour and will feature several awards and recognitions.

The International Maritime Prize for 2019 will be awarded to Mr. Peter Hinchliffe, former Secretary-General, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). Read the original announcement here.

The 2020 IMO Awards for Exceptional Bravery at Sea Awards will also be awarded to Mr. Marcio Santos Teixeira and Mr. Fabio Rodrigues Alves de Abreu, nominated by Brazil, and to Mr . Ralph Ofalla Barajan , nominated by the Philippines.  Read the original announcement here.