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Piracy Reports


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In order to provide an overall view of the global threat posed by piracy and armed robbery against ships, since 1982 the Organization issues incident reports on such acts and attempted acts. The reports are based on data and information submitted by IMO Member Governments as well as appropriate regional and international organizations.  

The reports, which include among other things, the names and a description of ships attacked, position and date/time of incidents, consequences to the crew, ship or cargo, and actions taken by the crew and coastal authorities, are circulated monthly, followed by a comprehensive annual report, published at the beginning of the second quarter of the subsequent year. Additional information regarding acts and attempted acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships is publicly available (subject to registration) in IMO's Piracy and Armed Robbery module within the Organization's Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS).

Please note that acts and attempted acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships are classified separately in the reports, with piracy reported as acts or attempted acts, which occur in international waters and armed robbery against ships reported as acts or attempted acts, which occur within a State's territorial waters.

254 Sept 2017.pdf
September 201730/10/2017
253 Aug 2017.pdf
August 201711/10/2017
252 July 2017.pdf
July 201718/09/2017
251 June 2017.pdf
June 201730/08/2017
250 May 2017.pdf
May 201705/07/2017
249 Apr 2017.pdf
April 201719/06/2017
248 Mar 2017.pdf
March 201705/05/2017
247 Feb 2017.pdf
February 201719/04/2017
245 Annual 2016.pdf
Annual 201630/03/2017
246 Jan 2017.pdf
January 201710/03/2017
244 Dec 2016.pdf
December 201615/02/2017
243 Nov 2016.pdf
November 201616/01/2017
242 Oct 2016.pdf
October 201608/12/2016
241 Sept 2016.pdf
September 201618/11/2016
August 201619/10/2016
July 201605/10/2016
June 201616/08/2016
May 201630/06/2016
April 201607/06/2016
March 201609/05/2016
Annual Report 201511/04/2016
February 201607/04/2016
January 201626/02/2016
December 201515/01/2016
November 201517/12/2015
October 201520/11/2015
August 201505/11/2015
September 201505/11/2015
July 201505/11/2015
June 201514/09/2015
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