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Piracy Reports


Reports of actual and attempted attacks by pirates and armed robbers against ships are continuously promulgated via IMO's Piracy and Armed Robbery module within the Organization's Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) as soon as they are received by the Secretariat from Member States and reporting organizations and entities (subject to registration). Relevant guidance is available within the module in GISIS to enable users to create and download customized reports, e.g. by geographical area or time period.

At its ninety-ninth session in May 2018, the Committee agreed to discontinue the monthly circulars containing reports on incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships, while maintaining the comprehensive annual reports as part of the series of MSC.4 circulars. However, the Secretariat continues to make monthly reports available for easy reference (below).

In order to provide an overall view of the global threat posed by piracy and armed robbery against ships, since 1982 the Organization has issued incident reports on such acts and attempted acts. The reports are based on data and information submitted by IMO Member Governments as well as appropriate regional and international organizations.  

Please note that acts and attempted acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships are classified separately in the reports, with piracy reported as acts or attempted acts, which occur in international waters and armed robbery against ships reported as acts or attempted acts, which occur within a State's territorial waters.

MSC.4-Circ.264 Annual Report 2019.pdf
Annual Report 201913/05/2020
Piracy monthly report April 2020.pdf
April 202012/05/2020
Piracy monthly report March 2020.pdf
March 202028/04/2020
Piracy monthly report Feb 2020.pdf
February 202014/04/2020
Piracy monthly report Jan 2020.pdf
January 202009/03/2020
Piracy monthly report Dec 2019.pdf
December 201927/01/2020
Piracy monthly report Nov 2019.pdf
November 2019 24/01/2020
Piracy monthly report Oct 2019.pdf
October 2019 12/11/2019
Piracy monthly report Sep 2019.pdf
September 201901/10/2019
Piracy monthly report Aug 2019.pdf
August 2019 23/09/2019
Piracy monthly report July 2019.pdf
July 201916/09/2019
Piracy monthly report June 2019.pdf
June 201923/08/2019
Piracy monthly report May 2019.pdf
Checked Out To: Nicollen MeekPiracy monthly report May 2019.pdf
Checked Out To: Nicollen Meek
May 201903/07/2019
Piracy monthly report April 2019.pdf
Checked Out To: Nicollen MeekPiracy monthly report April 2019.pdf
Checked Out To: Nicollen Meek
April 201904/06/2019
MSC.4-Circ.263 Annual 2018.pdf
Annual report 201824/04/2019
Piracy monthly report Mar 2019.pdf
March 201923/04/2019
Piracy monthly report Feb 2019.pdf
February 201927/03/2019
Piracy monthly report Jan 2019.pdf
January 201912/02/2019
Piracy monthly report Dec 2018.pdf
December 201808/01/2019
Piracy monthly report Nov 2018.pdf
November 201812/12/2018
Piracy monthly report Oct 2018.pdf
October 201811/12/2018
Piracy monthly report Sep 2018.pdf
September 201808/10/2018
Piracy monthly report Aug 2018.pdf
August 201812/09/2018
Piracy monthly report July 2018.pdf
July 201831/07/2018
Piracy monthly report June 2018.pdf
June 201802/07/2018
Piracy monthly report May 2018.pdf
May 201831/05/2018
262 Apr 2018.pdf
April 201814/05/2018
260 Feb 2018.pdf
February 201827/04/2018
261 Mar 2018.pdf
March 201827/04/2018
258 Annual 2017.pdf
Annual report 201716/04/2018
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