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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Below is a list of guidance documents adopted by IMO which are relevant to maritime security. The document list can be sorted by ''Name", "Title", date of "Adoption" and "Subject" by simply clicking next to each of the sort items: 


 Other IMO Guidance

Application and revision of the Guidelines on the allocation of responsibilities to seek the successful resolution of stowaway casesStowaways
Review of measures and procedures to prevent acts of terrorism which threaten the security of passengers and crews and the safety of ships22/01/2002Maritime Terrorism
Amendments to the principles on Safe Manning (Resolution A.890(21))26/02/2004ISPS
Amendments to the guidelines for the onboard operational use of shipborne Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) (Resolution A.917(22)) 26/02/2004ISPS
Format and guidelines for the maintenance of the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)04/03/2003ISPS
Revision of the Guidelines for the prevention and suppression of the smuggling of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals on ships engaged in international maritime traffic Drug smuggling
2002 SOLAS amendmentsISPS
ISPS Code, Part B amendmentsISPS
Circular Letter No. 3338.pdf
Access to IMO GISIS Maritime Security Module and information required by SOLAS Contracting Governments under the provisions of SOLAS regulation XI-2/13 on Communication of information 18/12/2012ISPS
Circular letter No.2514.pdf
CL No.2514  -Information required from SOLAS Contracting Governments under the provisions of SOLAS regulation XI-2/13ISPS
Circular letter No.2554.pdf
CL No.2554 - Implementation of IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification ISPS
Reports on stowaway incidents29/11/2010Stowaways
FAL.9(34)Drug smuggling
MSC.1 Circ.1283.pdf
Non-mandatory guidelines on security aspects of the operation of vessels which do not fall within the scope of SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code22/12/2008ISPS
MSC.1 Circ.1305.pdf
Revised guidance to Masters, Companies and Duly Authorized Officers on the requirements relating to the submission of security-related information prior to the entry of a ship into port09/06/2009ISPS
MSC.1 Circ.1341.pdf
Guidelines on security-related training and familiarization for port facility personnel27/05/2010ISPS
MSC.1 Circ.1342.pdf
Reminder in connection with shore leave and access to ships27/05/2010ISPS
MSC.1 Circ.1603.pdf
Guidance For The Electronic Transfer Of Information Into And From The Maritime Security Module GISIS02/03/2020Maritime Security & GISIS
Interim measures for combating unsafe practices associated with the trafficking or transport of migrants by seaStowaways
Performance Standards for a Ship Security Alert System11/12/2002ISPS
Adoption of revised Performance Standards for a Ship Security Alert System29/05/2003ISPS
Interim Guidance on control and compliance measures to enhance maritime security21/05/2004ISPS
Adoption of the IMO unique company and registered owner identification number scheme20/05/2004ISPS
Adoption of amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended20/05/2005ISPS
Adoption of amendments to the ISPS Code20/05/2005ISPS
Adoption of amendments to the format and guidelines for the CSR20/05/2005ISPS
Amendments to the list of codes, recommendations, guidelines and other safety- and security-related non-mandatory instruments15/08/2012ISPS
Guidance for the Development of National Maritime Security Legislation01/06/2016Maritime Securiy & ISPS Code
Adoption of amendments to the SOLAS Convention 1974, as amended 19/05/2006ISPS
Adoption of amendments to the STCW Convention 1978, as amended18/05/2006ISPS
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