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​At its 18th session in November 1993, the IMO Assembly adopted resolution A.772(18) on fatigue factors in manning and safety. The resolution recognizes that there is no universally accepted definition of fatigue but draws the attention of all parties involved in ship operations to the factors which can contribute to fatigue including, but not limited to, those listed below and to take them into account when making decisions on ship operations.

Guidance on Fatigue Mitigation and Management

To assist in the development of a maritime safety culture by addressing the issue of fatigue, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has developed practical guidance to assist interested parties to better understand and manage the issue of “fatigue.”  These guidelines have been disseminated as MSC/Circ.1014.


The philosophy behind the development of the guidance was not to develop new information but rather assemble what already exists, in a useful format, for transmission to those parties who have a direct impact on ship safety.


The outline of the information is related to the potential dangers associated with fatigue and ultimately the effect on the health and safety of personnel working on ships. The guidelines contain information on the symptoms and causes of fatigue, and address solutions to combat fatigue to improve the associated health problems and help prevent a fatigue-related accident from occurring.


The guidelines are composed of Modules, each devoted to an interested party.  The modules are as follow:

1.      Module 1               Fatigue

2.      Module 2               Fatigue and the Rating

3.      Module 3               Fatigue and the Ship’s Officer

4.      Module 4               Fatigue and the Master

5.      Module 5               Fatigue and the Training Institution and Management Personnel in charge of Training

6.      Module 6               Shipboard Fatigue and the Owner/Operator/Manager

7.      Module 7               Shipboard Fatigue and the Naval Architect

8.      Module 8               Fatigue and the Maritime Pilot

9.      Module 9               Fatigue and Tugboat Personnel

10.    Appendix               Fatigue related documentation