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At its 18th session in November 1993, the IMO Assembly adopted resolution A.772(18) on Fatigue factors in manning and safety. This resolution recognizes that there is no universally accepted definition of fatigue but draws the attention of all parties involved in ship's operations to the factors that can contribute to fatigue including, but not limited to those listed in the annex to resolution A.772(18) and to take them into account when making decisions on ship's operations.

Guidelines on fatigue

​Following the Guidance on fatigue mitigation and management (MSC/Circ.1014) approved by the Maritime Safety Committee, at its seventy-fourth session in 2001, a new set of Guidelines on fatigue (MSC.1/Circ.1598) has been approved by the Committee, at its 100th session in 2018, to assist all stakeholders in better understanding their roles and responsibilities in mitigating and managing the risk of fatigue.

These Guidelines, which supersede the above-mentioned Guidance, provide information on the causes and consequences of fatigue, and the risks it poses to the safety and health of seafarers, operational safety, security and protection of the marine environment. It has been prepared to assist all stakeholders in contributing to the mitigation and management of fatigue.

The guidelines are composed of modules each devoted to an interested party.  The modules are as follow:

.1         Module 1         Fatigue

.2         Module 2         Fatigue and the company

.3         Module 3         Fatigue and the seafarer

.4         Module 4         Fatigue, awareness and training

.5         Module 5         Fatigue and ship design

.6         Module 6         Fatigue, the Administration and port State Authorities

.7         Appendix 1      Examples of sleep and fatigue monitoring tools

.8         Appendix 2      Example of a fatigue event report information