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FAL related guidance


List of Non Mandatory Instruments.pdf
List of codes, recommendations, guidelines and other non-mandatory instruments related to the work of the Facilitation Committee06/07/2018
Organization and method of work of the Facilitation Committee08/06/2018
Resolution FAL.13 (42).pdf
Revised guidelines on the prevention of access by stowaways and the allocation of responsibilities to seek the successful resolution of stowaway cases08/06/2018
Revised list of existing publications relevant to areas and topics relating to the ship/port interface08/06/2018
Unified interpretation of Appendix 3 to the FAL Convention Corrigendum14/05/2018
List of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships, 201719/07/2017
Guidelines on maritime cyber risk management05/07/2017
Reports on stowaways incidents07/04/2017
Response to the provision of information by the master of a vessel needing to put sick or injured persons ashore07/04/2017
Unified Interpretation of Appendix 3 to the FAL Convention07/04/2017
MSC.1-CIRC.896-REV.2 (E).pdf
Interim measures for combating unsafe practices associated with the trafficking, smuggling or transport of migrants by sea26/05/2016
Guidelines For The Use Of Electronic Certificates20/04/2016
Guidelines in minimum training and education for mooring personnel20/04/2016
FAL.5 - Circ.40.pdf
Revised IMO Compendium on Facilitation and electronic business04/07/2013
Guidelines on Measures Toward Enhancing Maritime Trade Recovery Related to the Global Supply Chain System and Maritime Conveyances30/05/2013
FAL.5- Circ.36.pdf
Guidelines for Setting up a Single Window System in Maritime Transport09/11/2011
Contact addresses of the offices of designated National Authorities and International Organizations for Facilitation purposes (This circular supersedes FAL.5/Circ.33 dated 27 June 2011)17/10/2011
E-addresses of Governmental Authorities for facilitating the exchange of electronic information (This circular supersedes FAL.5/Circ.34 dated 28 June 2011)15/10/2011
Questionnaire on information on Port and Coastal State requirements related to Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel on board ships22/09/2011
Explanatory manual to the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic. 1965, as amended11/10/2010
Facilitating shore leave and access to ships, removing unnecessary restrictions imposed by divergences in the implementation of the ISPS Code27/09/2010
Resolution A.1027 (26).pdf
Application and revision of the Guidelines on the allocation of responsibilities to seek the successful resolution of stowaway cases18/01/2010
Principles relating to administrative procedures for disembarking persons rescued at sea22/01/2009
Securing and facilitating international trade21/10/2007
Review of Standards and Recommended Practices27/04/2007
Resolution FAL.9(34).pdf
Revised guidelines for the prevention and suppression of the smuggling of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals on ships engaged in international maritime traffic30/03/2007
Revision of the Guidelines for the prevention and suppression of the smuggling of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals on ships07/12/2006
Difficulties encountered in the shipment of dangerous cargoes and, in particular, sporting ammunition and related components (IMDG Code Division 1.4S)12/07/2006
Resolution A.984(24).pdf
Facilitation of the carriage of IMDG Code class 7 radioactive materials including those in packaged form used in medical or public health applications01/12/2005
Difficulties encountered in the shipment of IMDG Code class 7 radioactive material and, in particular, Cobalt-6011/07/2005
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