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Reporting of illegal dumping incidents

​Under Article VII of the London Convention , Contracting Parties agreed to co-operate in the reporting of vessels and aircraft observed dumping in contravention of the Convention. The Protocol contains a similar provision. Specifically, if a mariner or other observer (“Incident Observer”) witnesses a dumping incident in any ocean waters that appears to be in violation of the Convention or the Protocol, he or she is asked to:
1. Immediately notify the proper authorities to that they can determine an appropriate action.  A list of contacts can be found in: List of National Operational Contact Points Responsible for the Receipt, Transmission and Processing of Urgent Reports on Incidents Involving Harmful Substances, Including Oil from Ships to Coastal States, Annex 2 for SOPEP s (MSC-MEPC.6/Circ.10). These can be found in IMO Docs or by following the link Circulars at the bottom of the first page of the IMO website.
2. Complete a Dumping Incident Information Form and Supplementary Information Form as completely as possible.
The Dumping Incident Form and guidance for completing it are found in circular LC-LP.1/Circ.47, which can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish at the IMO Docs website.